Inspired by my experiences running around the world we have set up a fund – the Run the World Foundation – to support projects that :

Why work in these areas when there is so much else to do? Because the mental and physical health benefits of being active and living healthily are enormous – and they don’t have to cost a lot. We ‘just’ need to persuade and motivate people to change their lifestyles – which means there is the potential for a very high social rate of return. In other words, we can do a lot of good without spending billions!

The Foundation’s funding is available to individuals, charities, not-for-profits and companies around the world and may, as appropriate, take the form of a donation / grant or a loan or an equity investment. In each case it will be subject to the following criteria :

  1. The project in question needs to be in line with the objectives set out above.
  2. It needs to be run by a local management team who can be trusted to deliver a successful project. (We don’t fly in experts – we support local people.)
  3. It needs to be cost effective as the Foundation has a limited resource. Cost-effective means looking at the per capita cost and the per capita output – with the output being measured in terms of increased awareness of the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle and/or adoption of such a lifestyle and/or an increase in the amount of physical activity undertaken by the audience in question. The longer term the impact and the greater the (positive) change in lifestyles, the more valuable the output. (Let’s make every dollar / pound / euro / local currency count.)
  4. The recipient needs to be willing to share local outcomes and learnings so that future funding can be deployed in a manner that maximises impact and social return on capital. (Let’s work together to do things in the best possible way.)
  5. The funding will be targeted towards those who need it the most – either because they live in parts of the world where there is very little funding for these types of activities or because of the personal circumstance of the ultimate beneficiaries. (Let’s help those who genuinely need it the most.)
  6. The completion of a short application form. (Don’t worry – the form really isn’t difficult or time-consuming.)

The Foundation soft launched in 2019  and has, to date, donated to :

Please contact if you would like to discuss any of the above.