Run the World gives presentations to junior and senior schools around the world. The talks are lively, fun and interactive and aim to use the Run the World story to impress upon students the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Please see below for references and please contact us at for more information on the Run the World school talks.

British International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“It was a great pleasure having Dan here to speak to our students. The timing was perfect, Dan gave a thoughtful and relevant talk to our year 7, 8 and 9s to open our KS3 Sports Day. Our year 5 and 6 students were particularly motivated by the exercises and short run and all left encouraged to lead a healthier lifestyle. We would like to express our thanks to Dan and wish him all the best as he continues his Run the World challenge.”


Warren Junior School, London

“Ashley and Dan’s visit to Warren Junior School was simply inspiring for the entire school community. The passion and knowledge demonstrated by both Ashely and Dan is infectious with both pupils and staff becoming genuinely enthused to find out more about both the Panathlon and the Run the World challenge.  Around 250 children were able to take part in a presentation, led by Dan, about the challenge which informed them of the importance of being healthy and around 150 pupils were able to take part in the actual challenge. Their participation in such a monumental fundraising challenge will be a sporting memory of their primary school life that I have no doubt they will always cherish.”


Latymer School, London

“Dan gave a fantastic talk, inspiring the young people in the audience and challenging them to live healthier and more active lives.”


Camden School for Girls, Camden, London (Senior School)

‘Dan Thompson’s assembly was extremely engaging and informative, and the interactive aspect [in-talk exercises] showed us that you can be active whenever and wherever!!’


Ashburnham School, Kensington & Chelsea, London (Junior School)

“Thank you so much for coming in yesterday! It was such a pleasure to have you in our class and learn about your incredible challenge. Look forward to following your journey and hopefully see you next year!”


Longfield Primary School, Harrow, London

“All the children enjoyed it and hopefully were inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. I loved the exercises you did with them I am definitely going to be using them again!”


Little Heath School, Redbridge, London (Special Needs School)

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s talk, it was a great adventure.  Some of the students are still talking about the run on the field today! “

“It was great to have Dan in school, setting off on another stage in his latest challenge, with a hundred Little Heath School pupils and staff there for the send-off. I really enjoyed joining him on the 10 k – Redbridge stage – and wish him the best of luck with the rest of this campaign.”


The Petchey Academy, Hackney, London (Senior School)

“On Wednesday 26th July The Petchey Academy was lucky to have Dan Thompson visit us to tell his story of running 10 K in every country in the world by July 2020. The students found it fascinating to hear why Dan was undertaking such a mammoth task and some of the challenges he has faced so far. Dan’s stories of running in Iraq in the ‘Green Zone’ where there were significant security risks in Baghdad and seeing how people’s lives had been affected in the Caribbean after the hurricanes in September 2017 particularly engaged the students. We wish Dan luck on the rest of his runs and look forward to being part of his final run in July 2020 in London!”


The International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (Elementary, Middle and Upper Schools)

“It was an absolute pleasure for us to host Dan at the International School of Ouagadougou on February 7th. His presentations, specifically tailored to both Elementary and Middle/Upper school students, were exactly in line with what we believe and teach about healthy choices. The students were engaged and encouraged by Dan’s tales of previous runs and the awesome goal he’s set for himself: To raise money and awareness for Cancer Research whilst promoting healthy choices and getting moving! Approximately 180 students ran with Dan at ISO and later that evening, a 10 k around the famous Martyr’s Monument allowed him to add Burkina Faso to his tally.

Dan’s endeavours showed our students that with a fantastic goal, steely determination, positive attitude wrapped up with a good sense of humour -we can achieve anything.

We wish Dan all the best and hope he can return to ISO one day to finish the stories he started. Good luck Dan!”


Genfelom School, Asmara, Eritrea

“On behalf of our school I’d like to thank you on the talk you gave on healthy running experience. Both the students and teachers said they enjoyed it. You have accomplished so much already in this formidable task of running the world and we wish you success in your determination to run in 205 countries by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.”


International School of Djibouti, Djibouti (Junior School)

“The International School of Djibouti is thankful for the chance to engage our students in a worthy cause of funding cancer research. And we all loved learning about health, fitness, and Dan’s experiences around the world. The big takeaway…NO SODA!!”


Phoenix School, White City, London (Senior School)

“It was a really inspirational way of delivering the message of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the students were very engaged and interested.”


Enko Ouaga International School, Burkina Faso (Junior and Senior Schools)

“Dan Thompson’s visit was a delight for both the older and the younger students. He shared his stories and advice on #healthy #dietary habits and exercise in a very down to earth way and allowed students a long question and answer session.

It was also a pleasant surprise to learn that Dan is an IB graduate. This confirmed the type of citizen that the IBDP creates. A truly international education is one that sees success via its significance, its actual impact on the wider world. Head, Heart and Hands as I constantly repeat to our students. In Dan’s case, it may be Head, Heart and ………legs! Wishing you ‘bonne continuation’ and please know that you are most welcome back.”


Highgate Primary School, Haringey, London (Junior School talk)

“Just to say a big thank you for your time this morning. The school community thoroughly enjoyed your visit and has inspired us to get active and healthy, and possibly try out new sports!

Really good luck with ticking off the remaining 45 countries – hopefully nowhere too dangerous!”


Ecole Ruban Vert, Libreville, Gabon

“On the 21st of September we were priviliged to host Dan Thompson at Ecole Ruban Vert, the International School of Gabon, where children and staff have started training for the Marathon du Gabon which takes place every year in December. Dan flew in to Libreville that very morning, and came to our school to deliver presentations to our secondary and then our primary students, before leaving to run his 10 km along the coast.

Dan’s stories of his runs from around the world and his focus on lifestyle choices inspired our children, and there was no shortage of questions –  which Dan answered with passion and patience. Many of our students have felt challenged to consider how they could lead a healthier lifestyle, and we envisage record numbers participating at various distances in the Marathon du Gabon 2018.

ERV would like to wish Dan every success for the remaining legs of his outstanding running challenge, and please know that he is still being talked about by our students!

Thank you for your visit, from ERV”


E.S.C.O.L.A. Luanda, Angola

“Dan´s visit and presentation to our students was received with enthusiasm. The students interacted with him in a relaxed  manner, asking questions he was happy to answer at length. The presentation was engaging, age appropriate and supportive of our objectives in encouraging our students to lead a healthy life style. We wish him well in attaining his goal.”


SB Overseas, Arsal Refugee Camp, Lebanon / Syria border

‘Thank you so much Dan for bringing your energy to Arsal! The kids were enthusiastic to run with you as evident from their very excitable start to the run, and we thank you as well for your wonderful and kind words about the work we do and our students. Best of luck in your future runs!’


The Tahaddi Lebanon team, Beirut

“Children at the Tahaddi Education Center were excited to join Dan for his Beirut run against cancer and had been training for the 10 K with him for weeks. The 34 children who ran with Dan were then delighted to have him visit them in their own community a few days later. At Tahaddi, Dan gave simple tips to lead healthier lives, all the while very sensitive to the social context and economic hardships these families, many of whom were refugees, faced.Thank you Dan for reminding and inspiring all of us to exercise more and adopt healthier lifestyles!”


Cargilfield School, Edinburgh

“We very much enjoyed welcoming Dan to Cargilfield. His target is inspirational and prompted lots of questions from the children – some of whom joined him for a run that morning. He has certainly inspired this headmaster to tackle more ambitious projects in the future.”


American International School, Nouakchott, Mauritania (Junior and Senior School talks)

“Dan’s Run the World Challenge presentation to the students at the American International School of Nouakchott in Mauritania was age-appropriate, informative,  and inspirational.  Students were engaged, attentive, and intrigued by the unique challenge he has undertaken.  Dan reinforced what we as educators are already discussing with our students – such as the importance of staying active, eating/drinking healthy, and getting enough sleep.  His genuine desire to encourage students to maintain a healthy life style to help fight against life-threatening diseases is truly a lesson everyone can learn from.”


St George’s School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Senior School talk)

“Today our Sophomores were visited by Dan Thompson. Dan has undertaken to run 10k in every country by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. With his Run the World Challenge, Dan is promoting the physical and mental health benefits of sport and physical activity, and raising money for cancer research. It was a great honor to meet you!”


British International School, Freetown, Sierra Leone (Senior School talk)

“It was an absolute delight to have met you Dan. You are such an inspiration to our students and what you are doing takes a lot of courage, patience and dedication . Listening to you has made us all at BIS realise how important it is for us take care of ourselves and others just by raising awareness about health matters and going the extra mile. Thank you Dan, we may not run the miles with you physically but we hope to keep you in our thoughts and prayers always while spurring you on silently.”


Cedars International School, Road Town, British Virgin Islands (Combined School talk)

“Thank YOU, it was a wonderful presentation and you most definitely have a knack for speaking at schools. We all really enjoyed it, learned a lot and was inspired. Thank you again for visiting Cedar International School and thank you for the great work you are doing for our global community…keep up the good work.”


British International School, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

“Dan’s assembly was well presented and pitched at the right level for our pupils. I would highly recommend a visit from Dan and joining him on his 10km run was definitely the icing on the cake for our staff!”