Unfortunately, due to that little bugger of a virus, all Run the World runs, London Borough Challenge runs and school talks are currently on hold. However, the Run the World Foundation is still operating and, on July 4th, the PB Challenge took place. Here’s a quick summary of the day.

The PB Challenge : set your Personal Best on July 4th!

Watch the promo video

Thank you to all the plankers and walkers ; the dancers and cyclists ; the skippers and runners. Thank you to the pledgers and donors. Thank you to the spectators and everyone who took part!

What a fantastic day. We had participants from all over the world – Lebanon ; Burkina Faso ; the US (West Coast and East Coast) ; the UK (London and all over) ; Italy ;  Ghana ; Canada ; and last – but certainly not least – Cameroon.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we raised £10 000 for Cancer Research and a range of great charities. (NB it’s never too late to donate!)

And it rained PBs!

For the full story, and lots of lovely pics, please see the blog of the day.

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