After 9 years, 175 000 challenge participants and one Olympic Stadium test event, Gold Challenge stopped operating in 2019.

Partly because the founders went off in other directions: Jon to a well-deserved retirement and Dan to his Run the World project. And partly because the kind of tech centric virtual challenge that we helped pioneer in 2011 is now commonplace.

Dan’s Run the World challenge – which involves him running 10km in every country in the World – has the same objectives as Gold Challenge: he’s raising money for charity and promoting the importance of an active healthy lifestyle.

In addition to his running, he also does school talks, media work and has set up a Foundation to support like-minded programmes and organisations.

If you’d like to stay in touch then please like / follow Run the World on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter

During our time at Gold Challenge we worked with so many talented, dedicated people who were also wonderful human beings. It’s a great source of pride to us that they all successfully moved on from Gold Challenge to the next stage of their chosen careers.

We’d like to thank them – and all our participants, clients and partners – for their amazing support and all the fun and adventures we had together along the way!

Stay safe, stay active!

Dan and Jon